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Michael's Personal Gallery

Some of the Land Cruisers & other Toyotas I have owned at one point or another in one country or another.

HZJ76 - 2012 HZJ76 Land Cruiser Wagon

HZJ76 Series Wagon with full options which include: E-lockers, auto hubs, Electric Winch - 2013

HZJ79 - 2006 HZJ79 Series Land Cruiser

HJZ79 series diesel (1HZ). 2006 was the last year of this body style for the 79 series land Cruiser pickup - 2012

UZJ120 - 2005 Lexus GX470

2005 Lexus GX470, setup for Expedition and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado badges - 2011.

HZJ76 - 2009 HJZ76 Land Cruiser Wagon

2009 HZJ76 series 1HZ diesel, additions: turbo, lift, Oversized fuel Tank, bull bar, Winch, Dual Battery - 2010

HZJ77 - 1991 HZJ77 Land Cruiser Wagon

I tried to buy one of these many time and something always happened until this one came along, I guess you could call it my "Unicorn". This is an exceptional Cruiser and I have done a lot of modifications to it, so I consider it a project truck - 2009

HZJ75 - 1998 HZJ75 P/U land cruiser

Awsome 1998 land cruiser pick up, middle east spec, turbo'd! - 2008

HZJ79 - 2006 HZJ79 P/U Land Cruiser

My first brand new 7x series Land Cruiser, waited forever to get it but very nice all original - 2007

HZJ75 Troopy - 1997 HZJ75 troopy Australian spec

My First Troopy, excellent condition origianlly from Australia - 2007

GSJ15 - 2006 FJ Cruiser

2006 FJ Cruiser with 6 speed manual transmission all available options. Great Cruiser but I like wheeling my 7x series better so I sold it - 2006

BJ70(RT) - 1989 BJ70 Ragtop land cruiser

My coolest wheeling truck Ragtop 70 series, this is the closest to the 40 series you can get but newer in a better package. Diesel with Turbo, and genuine Toyota Factory Cable lockers - 2005

BJ74 - 1989 BJ74 land cruiser

Very nice low miles BJ74, from Japan with all the options available even an autmatic for th 13B-T engine - 2005

HDJ80 - 1996 80 Series DIESEL land Cruiser

Very Rare and very nice 80 series diesel from Europe, 1HD-FT Turbo Diesel Engine, 5 speed H151 Transmission, moster 5" lift and extra after extra was added - 2005

UZJ100 - 1999 100 Series Land Cruiser

My First 100 series much better than the LX470 - 2002

LX470 - 1998 Lexus LX470 (100 series)

I My briefly owned this LX470, too much bling for my taste - 2002

FZJ80 - 1996 80 Series Land Cruiser

This was the second 80 series Land Cruiser owned - 2001

BJ42 - 1984 BJ42 Land Cruiser

Decided to get back into the 40 series and found this deal on Ebay Motors. The last year of the 40 series (84') and a factory diesel to boot. This is the truck that got me into Toyota diesel's - 1999

FJZ80 - 1993 80 Series Land Cruiser

My First 80 Series, Cloth seats, 4 wheel disc brakes, factory Lockers. Added Supercharger after I had it for while - 1999

FJ62 - 1990

the Last year of a model, always the best with all the fixes and enhancements - 1995

Wheelin' in New York 1989

Wheein in NY, this was a test run for my new Suspension on FJ40. I hate it when you forget to re-install the Driveshaft safety hoop. but all's well that ends with you driving out, even if it is front wheel drive only.

Mud Drag's - County Fair New York 1989

Mud Drag's with Pig build just for Dragging back in 1989

Mud-O-Rama - Lancaster New York 1989

Mud Bog competition, won 1st place in Stock 6 class.

FJ40 1976 - Mud Bogger

I fixed up this 76'Fj40 for my girlfriend, but then the Mud bogging came up and she let us turn it into a Mug Bogger - 1989

FJ55 - 1972 55 Series Land Cruiser

My First Fj55 - Pull this one from a gypsum mine in 1988, rotted floor, siezed Engine, wasn't sure what to do with it. Ended up as Mud Drag cruiser then Camping Cruiser

FJ40 - 1978 40 Series Land Cruiser - GrumpyII

1978 Fj40 Land Cruiser GrumpyII - 1988

My Original Shop in New York back in the 80's

My first shop was a 1.5 car detached garage back in New York.

FJ40 - 1978 40 series Land Cruiser - Grumpy

My very first Land Cruiser - 1978 FJ40 - Grumpy - 1985