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WCC Shop Projects

1GRE Engine Build

The 1GRE is a excellent engine and replacement for the 1FZ and previous V6 engines in Smaller Toyota SUV and PU - 2013

1HZ Engine Build

1HZ engine Build late model - 2013

1HD-T Engine Rebuild

1HD-T Full Engine Rebuild (80 series) - October 2012

AB60F Transmission upgrade

Upgrade 2007 Tundra AB60F transmission with prototype Valve Body from WAT - October 2012

1HZ Engine Rebuild

1HZ Full engine Rebuild - October 2012

Installing new Cylinder Head on 1HZ diesel Engine.

Finally got around to install a new cylinder head on my 1HZ engine in HZJ75, this will need to be done anytime you have a catastrophic failure of your timing belt idler. - September 2011

1HD-T Engine Install in HDJ80 Series.

Putting a fresh 1HD-T in Jan's sweet HDJ80 series, along with the rebuilt transmission and transfer case. - August 2011

H151 Toyota Transmission Rebuild

Jan Rebuilding H151 transmission from his Diesel 80 series with 1HD-T - August 2011

2007 Toyota Tundra ARB Bull Bar install

ARB Bull Bar install on 2007 Toyota Tundra Limited Double cab including Bulldog 12k Winch - August 2011

HF2A Transfer Case Rebuild

Jan rebulding his HF2A transfer case behind H151 and 1HD-T - Diesel 80 series - August 2011

2007 Toyota Tundra - New Suspension

Replaced block lift suspension with ARB Suspension - August 2011

3BII/H55F - New Clutch & Lower Gears

Installed new clutch in wheeling truck as well as lower gears for low range - July 2011

2007 Tundra Snorkel Creation

Adapting Skorkel to 2007 Toyota Tundra (they don't make one for Newer Tundras)- May 2011

Split Transfer Case Rebuild

Rebuild of Split transfer case on 1984 BJ43, behind H55F transmission - April 2011

A750F Transmission Valve body install.

Install of Wholesale Automatics Stage 1 Valve Body into 2005 Lexus GX470. - March 2011

HZJ76 Fuel Tank Upgrade

One Drawback (probably the only Drawback) to having 4 doors on a 7x series is you can't have two factory fuel tanks only one. Long Ranger has a great solution, a 166L replacement fuel tank - January 2011

HZJ76 Front Bumper Upgrade

I really dislike the newer 76 series front bumper, so it was time to upgrade to a Bullbar and Winch - January 2011

2007 Tundra rear Bumper upgrade

Time to put a beefy rear bumper on the Tundra - January 2011

A343F Extreme Transmission Install - Supercharged FZJ80 series

Installing New A343F in my sisters supercharged 1996 FZJ80 series. Perfect combination, supercharge 1FZ mated to Wholesale Automatics Extreme A343F sold by West Coast Cruisers. Excellent performance and increased mileage - February 2010

1HZ Turbo Install - HZJ77

1HZ Turbo Glide turbo install on my HZJ77. only minor adjustments to fuel boost was fine at max 10psi. Header pipe from Turbo Glide bolts up to stock exhaust, which I just replace with original equipment exhuast pipe from Japan. - December 2009

A440F Upgrade Extreme Valve Body and Billet Torque Converter

Upgrade of my HZJ77 A440F Transmission -changed out the original valve body with Stage 1 Extreme Valve Body and New Billet Torque Converter From Wholesale Automatics. Amazing difference, I no longer care if the diesels come with auto or manual trans. - November 2009

3BII - Turbo Glide turbo install

Turbo Glide turbo charger install on 3BII Engine in Goat - May 2008

1HZ - Turbo Glide turbo install

1HZ Trubo Glide turbo charger install on 1997 Land Cruiser troopy (HZJ75) - February 2008

1FZ Engine Replacement

1FZ Engine Replacement on Bruiser - 1996 80 Series, includes Supercharger - February 2007

Factory 7x series Toyota Snorkel Install

Factory snorkel install o 86' BJ70 model - October 2006

2H - Turbo Glide install

Turbo Glide - Turbo charger install on 84' HJ60 with 2H - March 2006

Turbo Gauges Installation

Installing gauges for turbo in 1986 BJ70 - November 2004

3B - AXT Turbo Install

AXT Turbo charger install - 1986 Bj70 - November 2004

3B - AXT Turbo Install

AXT Turbo install - 1984 BJ42 - November 2002

Supercharger Install 1993 Land Cruiser

1st and last install on a pre 1995 Land Cruiser 1FZ back in 2002. Warning - unless you are swapping out the emmisions and fuel management systems do not install a supercharger on Pre 1995 1FZ engine.

Supercharger Install 1996 Cruiser 1FZ

1st Supercharger install, on Bruiser back in 2001